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Gallery IV


Albert Fendig ·  Charlotte Harrell   Diana W. Herrin

Albert Fendig

As a native of Glynn County, Albert was immersed in the natural beauty of the "Golden Isles" and began his serious painting at age 13, encouraged by his Aunt Selma Shelander and the Charleston artist Elizabeth Verner. Throughout his many travels, and at home took every available opportunity to paint in oils, his favorite medium. In spite of the discipline required by his law career, Albert studied art continuously and on Monday nights, if in town, painted under the guidance of Bill Hendrix. Other art instructors who have influenced his paintings in oils, watercolors, acrylics and pastels are Jean Szabo, Tony Couch, Tony Van Hasselt, Ken Wallin, Richard Schmid and in France, Atelier Peace.

When Albert retired from his law career, he entered the art profession with the total energy he had exercised in law. He established an Island studio, as well as a studio in Lakemont in the north Georgia mountains.

Albert is a juried member of Glynn Art, Coastal Artists Guild, Southeast Impressionists, Oil Painters of America, North Georgia Art Guild among others. Albert's paintings can be seen on his website and at Glynn Art, Left bank Gallery, Joseph's Jewelers and in North Georgia at 7 Oaks gallery in Lakemont and Waterfall Club at Lake Burton.


1Cabins at Gascoigne
Clam Creek Heron



Charlotte Harrell

Charlotte Harrell is an artist and writer who has lived in the Golden Isles since 1957.  While married to attorney Wallace Harrell, Sr., and raising three sons, she studied visual arts with Willam Hendrix for a period of years that included study-trips to Italy and the Netherlands. She has continued both studio arts course-work, and literary graduate work all the way to the present day, with a Master's Degree from Florida State University in 1984. She has acquired a background as an instructor of Art History,  studio artist and teacher, and teacher of English and Writing. She lists many group and solo exhibits of her paintings, and has a history of giving her time to the arts in her community. She exhibits art with Georgia Coastal Artists Guild, leads Writing Workshops, and teaches art classes in the public schools and in  her home studio on St. Simons Island.

Charlotte Harrell paints in acrylics, watercolor, and oils. She does charcoal quick portrait studies, family memory paintings, coastal landscapes, Italian Scenes

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Savannah Fountain 2

Summer Dinner With My Aunt

Poling the Marshes

Diana W. Herrin


Diana has lived in the Golden Isles since 1959, moving here from Key West, Florida.  She has lived in the coastal south all her life and loves the marshes, beaches and local areas and enjoys painting them in watercolor and acrylics.  Her work is found in corporate and private collections throughout the US and Canada.


Diana is mainly self-taught and studied acrylics with Kyung Ai Mock and watercolor with Carolyn Inman and Bud Bryde.  She has done workshops with Guy Lipscomb, Tony Couch, Tony Van Hasselt, Judy Wagner and Patty Russell.  She has done juried shows all over Georgia and Florida.


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Exotic Birds and Blooms






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